How I learned to do King Cobra pose 15 years ago

Back in 4th Grade, when I was just a little ankle biter who had no idea what Yoga was, in fact, hadn’t even heard the term, I learned to do King Cobra pose. I had a classmate who was insanely flexible and she often liked to show off to us peasants. One day she laid down and formed what we know as a Cobra pose and then confidently said “Watch this!” and transitioned shakily into a King Cobra pose that most of us would take months of practice to achieve. Did I mention we were 9 year olds?

Anyway, I was the type of kid that while I had a lot of friends and I was really charismatic, I didn’t have any special talents. So I really wanted to try doing this cool thing my classmate had just done. I saw the way everyone was amazed by it and I wanted to know how it felt to have people “oooh” and “awweee” at me! So when I got home that night, I practiced and practiced and practiced. I wanted my feet to be as far up on my head as possible. I wanted to bend further than she did. I eventually perfected it and for years after that would occasionally whip out my secret talent (flexibility) when the topic of being flexible would arise, but ultimately my life didn’t change because of it.

Fast forward to 2010, my first son is born and I try to do this pose again, just to see if I still had it. Nope. Something about pregnancy really goofed my body up. Fastforward another 5 years and I happen across this pose on a Yoga site. Wait, wait, wait. I do Yoga every damn day and you mean to tell me this often times difficult pose that I cannot do now, is the same one I was doing when I was 9, flawlessly? So I got my butt down on the floor, and I tried it. SUCCESS! I actually did it. Practicing Yoga every day has clearly improved my flexibility in the last 5 years and it was amazing to reach that realization. 5 years and 3 kids later, I can do it again. Never give up.


#GetYourOmBack – Day 2

Cat’s Pose! This one feels reeeeally nice on the spine. Another easy one! Though I wish I had stretched my neck further in the first one and maybe opened my chest a little more, it still felt great and my breathing was on point.
Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.43.12 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.43.25 AM

#GetYourOmBack – Day 1

Easy Peasy! Child’s pose. I actually practiced my Yoga twice today without remembering this challenge and then was reminded when I checked Instagram, so quickly snapped a picture before I missed it! Very relaxing pose. :)

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 7.43.34 PM

Have a Happy Canada Day!

Today is the 148th Anniversary of the 1867 Constitution Act! AKA Canada Day! (That’s a lot of d’s and a’s, phew!)
We celebrated this year the same way we always do. Woke up bright and early, found our red and white clothes, walked our butts down to the parade, and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Our kids loved getting candy, fire fighter hats, and Canada flags. Tonight we’re hoping to go to the Fireworks show but it depends if our little monster can stay awake that long ;) Happy Canada Day, folks! Here are some pictures I loved from today! :)DSC_0607DSC_0584 11540896_453827091444794_6748971805734777303_n 11707637_453830854777751_4280172769118352039_n 11709579_453831314777705_1097142964353531976_n 11705220_453827281444775_8401239814992726636_n

#GetYourOmBack with Sweaty Betty!

Yesss! It’s like the Universe is giving me a sign! Just when I need to work on my Yoga the most, this challenge for July (Starting Wednesday) appears to me like an angel. The poses look so beautiful, I’m going to love working on them. I’ll post my pose each day, if I can remember, but you can follow my progress more closely on I have never followed through with one of these challenges (I blame my free spirit and attention deficit), so wish me luck!


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Nicotine and Yoga

Sunday morning was absolutely beautiful, the sun wasn’t out yet so it was cool and quiet. Daniel and I took Paisley for a walk to grab a coffee and breakfast and then we sat down at Hazen Park by the water dreaming about having a boat of our own. It was on the walk there that I had a smoke and realized how winded I felt. I had quit smoking for a year and a half and felt amazing, but foolishly started again. Now I remember why I was glad to quit, my body feels like it’s falling apart already. So I decided to quit (again). I’m not sure how or when, probably cold turkey, active immediately. I had 3 total yesterday so even cutting back until I’ve stopped completely seems like a better option than smoking full time. To avoid smoking I kept myself busy with cleaning anddddd YOGA!

I hadn’t practiced my Yoga asanas in a few months, I was seriously slacking. I feel like the last few months were just not the best for me health wise. I made a lot of silly choices but it’s time to get back on track. So I practiced my yoga and I felt fantastic afterwards. However, I noticed a little loss of flexibility since I had stopped practicing, it’s like starting all over again. I’m happy to be thinking clearly again. My room is cleaned up so I can use the space for whatever I feel like. Somehow physically decluttering my house, ends up decluttering my mind and my soul too. I might paint a bit tonight after practicing my Yoga, keeping busy is key! I’ll be posting more about my Yoga adventures because it will help me keep my mind off smoking if I really occupy myself with a healthy activity. So keep your eyes peeled!

Have a blessed day!

Friends who can art

I’m so lucky to be connected to so many talented people all over the world who are not only immensely talented, but generous with their talents. A while back I had a friend make a portrait of me which I intended to use here on my blog (and did for a while, I still use it on the coverphoto of my Facebook page!) and recently, she did an updated one since my looks have changed a bit in the last little while. Here is the link to her deviantart if you want to admire her work and here are the pieces she did for me:

The one she did for me this week:

And the one she did for me in September 2014:

Have a gay day!!

sparkly_rainbow_icon_by_angelishi-d6bqj7aYes! YES! Today is a great day, SCOTUS made the history making ruling to legalize Gay marriage in the United States, NATIONWIDE! Let your fabulous flags fly, celebrate and enjoy this day! It’s a huge step for equality and humankind. Canada congratulates you, U.S.A!
Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 5.19.51 PM  Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 3.51.49 PM

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Protest calls for equal rights for anglophones in New Brunswick

Originally posted on Global News:

FREDERICTON – A group in New Brunswick says official bilingualism in the province costs too much and favours francophones.

Members of Equal Rights for New Brunswick Anglophones held a noon-hour rally in front of the legislature in Fredericton today.

Spokesman Barry Irvine says anglophones in the province aren’t being properly represented and the government isn’t listening.

He says students must learn French and many anglophones cannot get jobs because of bilingual requirements.

The group wants the provincial government to create an English Language Commissioner and scrap hiring policies based on language.

New Brunswick is Canada’s only officially bilingual province.

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DO try at home! DIY Bath Bombs!

So I am a huge fan of the cosmetics company LUSH, and I’m obsessed with their bath bombs. However $5-$6 a bathbomb is a bit pricey for my frugal butt so I went on a mission to find a recipe to make my own. After many tweaked batches, I finally worked out the perfect recipe. I hope you’ll try it out, and enjoy!


What tools you will need:
measuring cups, measuring spoons, at least two containers (one for liquid, one for dry), molds (an old plastic christmas ornament cut in half would be perfect but you can try anything), stirring utensil, a large pan/tray to place the molded bath bombs, empty spray bottle.

Ingredients (dry):
1/2 Cup Citric Acid
1/2 Cup Corn Starch
1 Cup Baking Soda
1/2 cup epsom salts or sea salts

Ingredients (wet):
2 tbsp of carrier oil (almond, canola, vegetable, coconut, olive, etc)
2 tbsp of essential oil/fragrances
Food colouring (optional of course)
Water in a spray bottle

Combine your dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl, make sure there are no clumps.

Combine your wet ingredients and mix as well as you can.

Slowly and carefully pour the wet mixture into the dry mixture a tiny bit at a time (You do not want to cause a reaction from the baking soda and citric acid.) Pour a bit, mix, pour a bit, mix, until they are completely combined.

You should have a wet sand like consistency that is very crumbly but when squeezed together, it will hold it’s shape.

If it is too dry, use your spray water bottle to adjust the consistency. You can also take this time to colour it, by adding your colouring to your spray bottle combined with some water.

If it is too wet, you’ll know because it will probably be fizzing and it should NOT be fizzing. If it is fizzing just a little, try adding some more baking soda until it’s properly adjusted.

Now grab your mold and fill it up and press your mixture into your mold as hard as you can, continue until it’s filled.

Take a utensil and gentle tap the outsides of your mold to loosen the mixture and then gently remove it from the mold and place it carefully on the pan. Continue until you no longer have enough mixture to mold.

With the remaining mixture you can put it in a container to sprinkle in your bath whenever you’d like.

Let your bath bombs sit until they have completely hardened, this could take several days but should only take 24-48 hours.

If you want more than one colour, divide your mixture before adding food colouring.