Halloween with the Blair Family (and the tiniest effing pumpkins you ever saw)!

In this town, we call home, everyone hail to the pumpkin song! Halloween is upon us, beasts and ghouls. It’s one of my absolute favourite Holidays. In addition to the beautiful orange, brown, and yellow bursts of colour that we get to see every day during Autumn, we also see homes sprinkled with Halloween decorations the entire month of October. Pumpkins piled up on lawns and doorsteps, some emitting an eerie glow through the eyes we so carefully carved out for them. Fake graves bursting from the ground, and spider webs sprawled over doorways making us squeamish about passing beneath them. Children get to dress up in costumes of every variety, whether that be scary, pretty, silly, or what have you; then knock on strangers’ doors and demand candy. Then with their bags at full capacity, they head home to dump it out and fill their faces until their tummies hurt.

Yep, Halloween is pretty wonderful for a million and one reasons. This year Braden and Chase were back and forth about what they wanted to dress up as. I’ve heard everything from Zombies or Angry Birds, to Ninja Turtles or Pea-Shooters. Ultimately they settled on Ninja Turtles! I couldn’t be more proud (and nostlagic) of that choice. We seemed to be late to the costume buying party because there were only a few Ninja Turtle costumes available at target and the ones they had were too big, but we bought them anyway. Braden ended up with Michael Angelo and Chase will be going as Donatello. In this lovely photo instead of saying “Cheese” they yelled “Pizza!”.

I haven’t decided what I will dress Paisley or myself up as, and yes… I will be dressing myself up too. It’s pretty near impossible to find baby sized costumes for her though so I am thinking I’ll just put her in her tutu or this little pumpkin shirt she has. It’s not like she can really trick-or-treat anyway, you know, being an infant and all.

This was also the very first time we ever carved pumpkins! We went to this really great local place called The Country Pumpkin and let the boys pick out their own. Daniel and I had dreams of a large pumpkin carved to perfection but those dreams were crushed when the boys picked out the smallest effing pumpkins I have ever seen in my life. So I will end this entry with some photos of the tiniest effing pumpkins you ever saw.

Note the toddler sized hand next to them for size comparison.


I’m a professional baby feeder.

In light of the never ending Mommy wars between formula feeding and breast feeding mommies, I decided to write a little entry shining some positive light on both options. I formula fed my two sons and I am exclusively breast feeding my daughter as we speak. So I am a self-proclaimed expert on both, hear me out! I have two amazing, healthy little boys who were formula fed. Braden is as smart as a whip and Chase certainly is not starving ;) It’s safe to say the stuff people will try to force down your throat may not always be accurate. Then there’s Paisley, my first breastfed baby, she is growing beautifully and it’s so wonderful to know my body is sustaining her. It’s truly amazing. I can’t begin to tell you how tired I am of seeing women argue over this or try to force feed their beliefs onto other women. (pun absolutely intended)

So, without further rambling, ranting, and raving, here are some reasons you should try both!

Pros of formula feeding:

1. Convenience!
When you formula feed, you can conveniently hand off your little sprout to other family members if you like, during feeding times. Not only does this open up Mom’s free time, but it gives other people a chance to bond with the baby. That’s not to say that feeding the baby is the only method of bonding, but it certainly is a common one!

2. Freedom!
Preparing your babies formula gives you the option of leaving your baby in the care of a babysitter, spouse, friend, or relative, if you want or need to! Some women really value that freedom and if you’re that kind of woman, you should strongly consider formula feeding.

3. Feeding times are longer between!
We know that formula is a little more difficult for our little one’s to digest, but with that comes slower digestion, which means more time between feedings. That gives you the “me-time” you’ve been needing! Take that time to bath in peace and quiet, or grab something to eat. Lord knows it’s hard to find the time to do those simple tasks with a little one depending on you.

4. Diet!
Because your body is not sustaining the little sprout, you are able to eat/drink whatever you want! While health is important, some of us like to binge a little (or a lot!). When you formula feed, you have the freedom to eat or whatever you want without worrying about the affect it might have on your baby. This includes coffee, alcoholic beverages, or foods they may have an allergy to.

Perks of breastfeeding:

1. It’s FREE!
Who doesn’t love free stuff?! You can actually sustain an effing human being for free using your boobs! How wonderful is that? Formula can get pretty pricey and if you’re a scrooge like me, free is definitely the way to go.

2. Bonding
Just knowing that by some miracle your body is producing everything your little one needs to thrive and grow every day, is enough to blow your mind, isn’t it? It’s beautiful and that time you spend with your baby is beautiful too! Your baby will know your smell and the sound of your heart beating. There’s nothing more special than that!

3. Nursing burns calories!
Yep, forget fretting about your weight, nursing your baby will actually burn calories AND cause your uterus to contract and shrink. Getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight will be almost effortless!

4. Natural vitamins and antibodies!
Nursing your baby is not only good for your body, but it is very good for your baby too. Your body made this milk especially for your baby and it contains lots of vitamins and minerals that you may not be able to find in formula. Plus, in the beginning you produce colostrum, which is really great for baby as it contains antibodies that cannot be duplicated by a factory.

There you have it, there are perks to both options! Don’t let anyone try to dictate how you feed your baby, either choice is a great choice and your choice to make.


“I’m so sorry, that must be really hard.”

One of my biggest pet peeves has to be when people find out I am 23 and have three kids, then immediately following, I watch them scramble to scrape their judgmental jaw off the floor. I can’t even keep track of all the instances I have heard people say “Oh wow, that’s really rough.” or “I’m so sorry, that must be really hard.”… Let me get this straight, you are apologizing to me, for me having children? There was a time where having a big family was perfectly socially acceptable; sometime between then and now, it changed. I have been called crazy, stupid, and even white trash, for choosing to raise children over any other options I was given. Since when was being a parent a bad thing?

I made three beautiful little humans and I don’t regret a single one of them. People always ask me why I didn’t use protection after the first time and I am always so confused as to why they would think I didn’t want multiple children. Our first may not have been planned, our second was a “if it happens it happens” baby, and our third was planned so precisely that I micro-managed our sex life. But I can say with 100% sincerity that I do not regret any of them and each of them were definitely wanted.

My kids are the best decision I ever made. You know how some people are good at shit like singing, painting, playing instruments, or sports? I am good at being a Mom. I am reeeeeally good at it. Despite the fact that people express absolute shock over me being a young Mom with three kids, I also get compliments in abundance on how wonderful, polite, and just all around great, my kids are. That’s because of my husband and I, WE DID THAT. I am 23 years old and I am raising three amazing little humans. Some day they will grow up and I will encourage them to make their own choices about their lives. If my daughter tells me she wants to be a Mom, she can be a Mom. If my sons tell me they want to be Dads, they can be Dads. They can have as many children as they and their future spouse desire because ultimately it’s not up to me or anyone else to dictate that. Big families can be wonderfully rewarding and I would love for them to experience that, but if that’s not what they want, I’m cool with that too. Because I don’t judge.

So if you’re that person, the one that feels sorry for young Moms or Dads with multiple children, please think before you say something stupid. Just stop and think to yourself, “You know, maybe lots of kids aren’t for me, but perhaps this parent loves their lifestyle”. Instead of making a backhanded compliment, straight up compliment them or say nothing at all. Because at the end of the day, maybe being a parent is just what that person is good at.


Just Remember

Katlyn Blair:

It has been a year since my Father-in-Law passed on. I don’t think that time makes it hurt less, I think people just grow used to the pain. Anyway, I was inspired to write this poem from his point of view, to his sons. Rest easy, Dale.

Originally posted on Scribbler Café:

Can you see me? I am here. I’ve been here all along. I see you crying out for me as you clutch my jacket to your chest and breathe in my scent.
Can you feel me? I am holding your face. I feel your heart hurting when you think of me. I feel your chest tighten when you realize it’s been so long without me.
Can you hear me? I am telling you there will be rest. I hear you whispering my name in your sleep, your voice cracking under the weight of your grief.

Just remember. I am here. I am holding your face. I am telling you there will be rest.

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Pregnancy and Delivery (Paisley)

Prepare yourself for a wall of text! Or just scroll past all this boring stuff and look at the pictures, whatever creams your twinkie. Okay, okay… Let me start from the beginning.. the beginning really feels like just yesterday honestly. After months and months of badgering my husband to have a third child, and him saying no way hosay, one day, he told me he was ready to try for another baby. It came just a month after his father passed away. For me it was bitter sweet to know I would finally get my third child, but they would never meet their Grandfather. They, being the baby, who at the time wasn’t even concieved. :P

So, on November 26th, we started trying for a baby. On December 12th I was supposed to get my period, and I didn’t. So I sent Daniel to the drug store to get me a pregnancy test. I took it and saw a clear positive all up in my face and I was ecstatic. I ran out into the kitchen bouncing around yelling “It’s positive! I’m pregnant! Oh my god! Oh my GOD!!!”. He stood there looking like he wasn’t sure how to feel, though, if you know my husband, you know that’s a typical response for him. But inside he was happy, scared, but happy!

At around 10 weeks pregnant I had my first doctor’s appointment and they determined I was due on August 19th according to my LMP. That was fine by me, I could go on either side of that date and maybe have a Leo baby OR a Virgo baby. (I reeeeally was hoping it would be a Virgo like Daddy though.) I got all my bloodwork ordered and things were peachy besides the fact that my family doctor sucked donkey dink (you can read more about that in my past entries!) The first few months of my pregnancy were gruelling, absolutely fucking awful. I was sick every hour of every day, losing more and more weight as the weeks passed by. My skin made me look like a prepubescent 14 year old. I had more acne than you could shake a bar of soap at. In April I had my first ultrasound, I was nervous to find out baby’s gender but also very excited naturally. I was happy either way, boy, girl, whatever! But after having two boys, finding out this baby was a girl, was priceless. My jaw hit the floor and I was speechless. It was during this ultrasound that I was given a new due date, August 26th.

The sleepless nights were probably the hardest part of my whole pregnancy, my pelvis was giving me a lot of grief and the pain was excruciating. Much worse than it was with my second pregnancy. In addition to this, I was often faint because I had low platelets. Luckily no seizures this time, though! Despite being in the worst discomfort I have ever experienced, I still got dolled up when I could:


A week before my due date, I woke up having a lot of pains, but nothing too extreme. I had a bad feeling all day that I was going to go into labor, but I was in denial. So hours passed and though I was becoming increasingly more uncomfortable, I kept telling myself it was braxton hicks contractions. I was just going about my day, playing
Hearthstone, and chatting with my interwebs friends. My husband kept asking me throughout the day if he should leave work and I was like nope.. I got this. Eventually he got off work and we still just chilled out at home, by this point I was pretty sure I was in labor, but I was being stubborn and wouldn’t go to the hospital until I was 100% positive. Eventually I called my Mom and Dad to come wait at the house with us, because I wanted to be prepared when it came to the boys. While they were on their way, my labor hit hard and I knew I had to go, it was almost crippling, so as soon as they arrived we left. The motion of the vehicle relieved the pain somewhat and I was able to have nice calm conversations with my husband and Mom the whole drive in.

Once we arrived at the Hospital they took me right in and the nurse seemed skeptical about how calm I was. She couldn’t tell if I was really in labor but I assured her I was and asked for drugs. She asked me what I’d like and I told her fetinol and she said she wanted to check me first to ensure I was in labor. So I let her do an internal exam and she popped her head up from between my knees and informed me that I was 5.5cm dilated. We were all pretty surprised considering I was expecting to be maybe 1cm. So with that, the drugs were flowing, straight into my IV. I was on cloud 9 my whole labor and even opted out of the epidural. Around 8cm it hit me full force, I was screaming like a banshee but luckily I dilated very quickly. I hit 10cm after being at the hospital for only 3 hours and a bit. Once it was time to push, I was ready… actually, I wasn’t ready. While my body was screaming push, my pain tolerance was begging desperately for me to stop. I was screaming in agony like someone was murdering me, because at the time, that’s how it felt. But then almost magically, she was there! My beautiful baby girl. They handed her to me and I felt her against my skin for the first time, I cried. I was so captivated by her that I failed to realize she wasn’t crying, she was completely blue. The nurse swiftly came over and poked and prodded at her until in one bursting gasp, she took a breath and then cried! Music to my ears. Her skin flushed with pink and she was perfect.

I’ve exclusively breastfed her and since she was born we’ve only run into one issue while we were still in hospice, but since then she has been perfect! Here she is when she was first born, note the thumb next to her head for size comparison:


Here she is with her two proud big brothers:

And here is Princess Paisley now:


I made a human.

Well, I guess I should say WE made a human. I’m also super late posting this, whoops. My little human came into the world on August 19th at 10:38PM weighing a nice little 7lbs 9oz. She was a week early but she made it very clear that she was ready to come! Buuuut details on that are to come later in a separate blog entry!
She is almost two months old now, whaaaaaaat! World.. meet Paisley:

She wasn’t very old in this picture at all. She still has all that hair! I will post more recent pictures in the big “Pregnancy, Labor, and Delivery” post I’m going to eventually write.