Changes on The Horizon

I’ve taken a position on the forum I’ve worked for since 2013 which will be pretty time consuming but I am looking forward to helping the site progress. I know not everyone in the community will be pleased about the decision to promote me but in terms of longevity and experience I was the most reasonable option and I certainly wasn’t going to reject the opportunity to help. I look at this site like my baby and they say it takes a village to raise a child, so I am hoping I will have enough support from my staff team and the community that we can make a big difference! Though, I’m hoping my best friend who has been working for the site since 2014, will be promoted to the same position eventually/someday too. I feel like as a team we are much more motivated, effective, and have the ability to get things done FASTER, since we’d be sharing the workload.

Aside from those changes I’ve challenged myself to do more reading, writing, and art. Just things that are mentally stimulating and gratifying for me. So I’ve read two books and am halfway through my third, since January 6th. I’ve started writing some fanfiction because why not, and I’ve been messing around with Adobe Illustrator on my ipad! It’s going to be a really long Winter so doing these things is really keeping me sane.

They say your frontal lobe isn’t fully developed until you’re 25 and guess what? I’m going to be 25 in March! Happy Birthday (and fully developed frontal lobe!) to me! I’m low-key hoping Hubby buys me a new kindle since the one I have doesn’t have a built in light, making night time reading impossible.

Have a good Monday folks! :)

My new obsession.

AHHHH. I have found yet another thing to dive head first into for a few weeks! It’s this really cool site called NeonMob!

You collect artwork from various series, you can find a series for pretty much any type of artwork you like. There are variations of pokemon, there are sports, there are landscapes, there are just hundreds of amazing series to choose from and you don’t have to limit your collecting to just one series.

You get 6 free packs a day and you get to choose which series you use those freebies on. You can also earn free packs by referring your friends (10 free packs and 3 EXCLUSIVE packs!), you can trade with people to get the cards you want, or when all else fails, you can buy packs with cold hard casssssh. But the best part about these is that many of the series you can order physical prints of. Which is unique, I think.

Anyway, if you love art, collecting things, trading things, and you’re looking for a place to do those things, check out the link above!
(It’s my referral link so you will get 25 packs upon registering with my link!)

Some of my favourite series are:

The Orphanage

Unicorn Empire


Gotham Masquerade



Online Adventures

So, a lot of my close friends and family know I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to my internet habits. I like video games, virtual pet sites, forums relating to those things, and I’d rather buy digital artwork/adoptables than a new outfit.

I’ve pursued many different online “paths”. From art, to blogging, to gaming, to moderating online communities, all of which have stuck with me for a few years. In addition to the forum I’ve been staff on since 2012, I am also a Mod on an “avatar” site which has adorable pixel based avatars and clothing, with a fancy little forum to post on, and bug catching to earn currency.

You can check that out here:

But more recently I also got hired working for a brand new virtual pet site called Kaylune. I’m in love with this site. It’s most story driven so there’s tons of room for creativity of all kinds. The artwork is brilliant, the community is friendly and welcoming, and they are growing every day. So you can expect probably tons of blog posts about this website from me in the future :P Go on over and check them out!:


Pixel Pups Masterlist!

Yeah so I added them alllll to my DA stash because they were multiplying like crazy and I just don’t have the energy to keep mass uploading them here. So here’s the stash link to ALL of them to date. :)


Facebook – You’re disappointing me.

Racism is racism, no matter how you try to justify it. Intolerance and bigotry can’t be justified. There’s NO REASON FOR IT. Don’t call yourself a Christian while you label 1.6billion people as terrorists because they have some evil people within their religion, just like every other religion, race, and country has.
KKK – Christian Group.
Aurora Shooting – White male
Sandy Hook shooting – White male
Moncton Shooting – White male

These were acts of domestic terrorism and what do you know, they were not committed by a Muslim. Better yet, they were committed by WHITE PEOPLE. Muslims do not own the monopoly on terrorism. Just as Muslim extremists do not represent the entire religion, the white people listed above do not represent the entire white population. The KKK does not represent Christianity. These 25,000 refugees were driven out of their homes by the same people committing these atrocities in Paris, Syria, Lebanon. They do not have the resources to fight these terrorists. Contrary to what people seem to think, we do. We have a Military that is trained to deal with these situations. We have allies across the globe with militaries trained to deal with these situations. Stop believing the selfish, fear mongering, bullshit and start believing in compassion, love, and humanity. I’m honestly appalled at some of the stuff I am seeing on my Facebook. If you people really believe half the shit you’re sharing you need to educate yourselves a lot better. This is not what Canada is about. What if it were you and your family? Do you honestly believe if these people (the refugees) posed a major threat to national security we’d be letting them in? Use your heads.

Buddha Teas – Zen Cleanse Blend

Gotta restock on these!

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.15.34 AMA few weeks back I was approached by Buddha Teas to try their product and give an honest review. I was a little apprehensive because I am really brutally honest and I didn’t want them to be disappointed if I didn’t like the tea. I’m a tea snob so I felt like it could be a recipe for disaster, but I eventually accepted their proposal. I will just say, I have zero regrets. I got to go pick whichever tea I wanted, that was probably the best part. Their website has such a wide selection that I wasn’t sure I’d ever make up my mind, but I eventually settled on the Zen Cleanse Blend (

Their teas are super affordable so I was going to buy it myself, but they told me it was on them! Yay! So I waited and waited for that tea to arrive, when…

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Animated Pixel Pups!

Yaaaa so I started animating them. :)
I sell them on and of course I opened commissions on deviantart, my dA link is above in the navigation bar. These are not free to use! Sorry! Feel free to buy one for yourself though.