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So, a lot of my close friends and family know I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to my internet habits. I like video games, virtual pet sites, forums relating to those things, and I’d rather buy digital artwork/adoptables than a new outfit.

I’ve pursued many different online “paths”. From art, to blogging, to gaming, to moderating online communities, all of which have stuck with me for a few years. In addition to the forum I’ve been staff on since 2012, I am also a Mod on an “avatar” site which has adorable pixel based avatars and clothing, with a fancy little forum to post on, and bug catching to earn currency.

You can check that out here:

But more recently I also got hired working for a brand new virtual pet site called Kaylune. I’m in love with this site. It’s most story driven so there’s tons of room for creativity of all kinds. The artwork is brilliant, the community is friendly and welcoming, and they are growing every day. So you can expect probably tons of blog posts about this website from me in the future :P Go on over and check them out!:


Pixel Pups Masterlist!

Yeah so I added them alllll to my DA stash because they were multiplying like crazy and I just don’t have the energy to keep mass uploading them here. So here’s the stash link to ALL of them to date. :)


Facebook – You’re disappointing me.

Racism is racism, no matter how you try to justify it. Intolerance and bigotry can’t be justified. There’s NO REASON FOR IT. Don’t call yourself a Christian while you label 1.6billion people as terrorists because they have some evil people within their religion, just like every other religion, race, and country has.
KKK – Christian Group.
Aurora Shooting – White male
Sandy Hook shooting – White male
Moncton Shooting – White male

These were acts of domestic terrorism and what do you know, they were not committed by a Muslim. Better yet, they were committed by WHITE PEOPLE. Muslims do not own the monopoly on terrorism. Just as Muslim extremists do not represent the entire religion, the white people listed above do not represent the entire white population. The KKK does not represent Christianity. These 25,000 refugees were driven out of their homes by the same people committing these atrocities in Paris, Syria, Lebanon. They do not have the resources to fight these terrorists. Contrary to what people seem to think, we do. We have a Military that is trained to deal with these situations. We have allies across the globe with militaries trained to deal with these situations. Stop believing the selfish, fear mongering, bullshit and start believing in compassion, love, and humanity. I’m honestly appalled at some of the stuff I am seeing on my Facebook. If you people really believe half the shit you’re sharing you need to educate yourselves a lot better. This is not what Canada is about. What if it were you and your family? Do you honestly believe if these people (the refugees) posed a major threat to national security we’d be letting them in? Use your heads.

Buddha Teas – Zen Cleanse Blend

Katlyn Blair:

Gotta restock on these!

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Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.15.34 AMA few weeks back I was approached by Buddha Teas to try their product and give an honest review. I was a little apprehensive because I am really brutally honest and I didn’t want them to be disappointed if I didn’t like the tea. I’m a tea snob so I felt like it could be a recipe for disaster, but I eventually accepted their proposal. I will just say, I have zero regrets. I got to go pick whichever tea I wanted, that was probably the best part. Their website has such a wide selection that I wasn’t sure I’d ever make up my mind, but I eventually settled on the Zen Cleanse Blend (

Their teas are super affordable so I was going to buy it myself, but they told me it was on them! Yay! So I waited and waited for that tea to arrive, when…

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Animated Pixel Pups!

Yaaaa so I started animating them. :)
I sell them on and of course I opened commissions on deviantart, my dA link is above in the navigation bar. These are not free to use! Sorry! Feel free to buy one for yourself though.

Featured Image -- 663

When you visit our home..

Katlyn Blair:

I WROTE THIS A YEAR AGO?! My how time has flown and how nothing has changed. If anything my house is even more chaotic now that Paisley is mobile. :D

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When you open up the door to our home, you’ll likely have to give a little extra shove to get it open. That’s because the doorway is a plethora of shoes for every season, just kicked off in a hurry as we got home. After being away all day or for the night, nothing feels better than coming home.

Once you step inside, if you look straight ahead there’s a wall with a painted picture on a slab of wood that says “Home Sweet Home” with a little red cottage on it, and a sweet home it truly is. To your left you’ll see a fairly vacant hallway, vacant aside from the little white and green potty that sits directly across from the bathroom. We’re potty training a toddler, so forgive us if it seems a little bit of an odd place for a potty. Down that hall you will also…

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Focusing on my artsu-

pixelcheebYeahhhh so lately I’ve been bleh when it comes to writing, actually the past like 6 months really. I’ve just been doing my thing, making art, and living. Braden is in school now so my days are full. I’ve been filling any extra time I have with digital art. Dan’s away for a few months on course so I really needed the distraction. I love ya’ll and I hope you can still stick around and follow me despite my lack of updates in the writing department. Take a gander at my artwork here and on deviantart (linked in the navigation bar!) and let me know what you think.

I will say, I was thinking of doing some little doodle comics, I’ve seen a few blogs recently that have them and I love them! It’s something I could get into since it combines the art I do everyday anyway with the fact that I haven’t got a whole lot to say text-wise. heh. I wouldn’t even know where to begin though lol Anywho. Now I’m just writing to make sure the doodle to the side is surrounded by text because it looks cooler like that. I should be ashamed of myself *sigh*

2015 Pixels – Batch #2

Please do not use these without permission!
For more of my work visit

Commissions are: Closed :)